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Barrel personnel are all professionally qualified geologists with extensive experience in the international oil and gas industry.

They are both employees and shareholders in the company. This has fostered a stable, quality and committed workforce, with obvious benefits for Barrel and client company.

Barrel's office management, based in South Lincolnshire, has demonstrated a record of quality, reliable and efficient support to field operations. Regular and scheduled meetings with client oil company management are encouraged to ensure geologist performance meets with the high standards expected in the industry. Quality assurance is addressed through Barrel's provision of in-house, and commercial training in wellsite geology and related skills, or such as may be called for in specific projects; problem solving is a team process supported by the most suitably experienced Barrel geologists in a specific area.

Client companies can be confident that the entire resources of Barrel support them when one of our team is at the wellsite or in their office.

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